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Meet King

Hi! My name is King and I am the woman behind Onaqxel Web Studio, the solution-centric website design & development studio for passionate female solopreneurs.


I graduated with a degree in Electronics Engineering and my interest in coding & programming led the way for me to be a self-taught web developer. You might think these are all technical for me to be a designer (yes, I thought the same) – but do you know that spark you feel when you do something out of the usual? That’s exactly it! I know I always have that soft spot for design but this is a part of me left unexplored until I practice web designing!


Some fun facts about me:

  • I am a new year’s baby (yes – I was born on New Year’s Eve!)
  • I love dancing (but I’m not a professional dancer) and I am a Koala Dance Bot (if you know, you know lol)
  • My favorite color is purple
  • I am an ISFJ – anyone on the same boat? 🖐


Jeremiah 29:11 – “’For I know the plans I have for you’, declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future’”.

About Onaqxel

I know you’ll agree when I say starting in an unfamiliar territory is uncomfortable and dealing with it alone is undeniably overwhelming – and starting a website is no exception. And that’s something we strive for: to take that discomfort and overwhelm away from you as your website partner!


We’re here to support you with your mission & passion that we know are close to your heart.


Onaqxel Web Studio is a solution-centric website design & development studio specializing in creating websites that help passionate female solopreneurs in growing their business.


We believe that there’s a why or motivation behind every investment you make for your business including your website – whether that be a problem you’re trying to solve or a goal you’re trying to achieve. And we are hopeful to get those solutions you need to be handed to you!


We don’t use magic, just strategy and collaborative efforts!

Our Values


We ensure that your perspectives are always acknowledged and encouraged. We aim to nurture a trusting relationship and open communication to achieve every project’s success.


We believe in the power of passion to thrive and ultimately achieve our goals and visions. We are a passionate brand existing to serve fellow passionate brands.


We are not only creating, we are also solving. We look forward to maximize every project’s results by employing solution-focused approach in what we do.

Our Work Process

1. Discovery

It all starts with a discovery session to know if we’re a fit to work together and if our services can help with the solution you’re currently looking for. If yes, you need to sign our contract and pay 50% initial invoice then, I'll give you access to your client portal. If no, I’d be happy to share my insights and maybe refer you to someone I know that could help you with what you need!

2. Prep Work

Before we officially start the design and development phase, we have to do some preparation works. You have to complete your tasks list like filling out the web design questionnaire and ready the assets to be used on the website (such as high-quality photos, website copy, and branding assets & guidelines).

This stage also involves the first two phases in our 3Bs blueprint - the Base and the Bridge.

3. Creation

This stage involves the third phase in our 3Bs blueprint - the Build.

We will work collaboratively in creating and finalizing your website! This is where all the back and forth feedback and revisions take place.

4. Launch

Once all are good to go, it’s time to go live and see everything in action - be ready to show your new website to the world!

Feel aligned with us? Let’s collaborate!

We would love to be the website partner for you!