collaboration. passion. solution.
collaboration. passion. solution.
collaboration. passion. solution.
collaboration. passion. solution.
collaboration. passion. solution.
collaboration. passion. solution.
King - the woman behind Onaqxel Web Studio

Building Solution-Centric Websites for your solopreneurship success

Hi! My name is King and I help passionate female solopreneurs create websites rooted on solutions to generate conversions so you can grow your business!

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It is our mission to create websites that boost your confidence online and help you generate more leads & sales to grow a sustainable business.

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It has been a pleasure working with these lovely women and my heart is full with their kind words 💗

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If you’re looking for a website partner to support you with your mission & passion, we are here to listen & collaborate with you in creating a website solution that we believe will best help address the thing holding you back!
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Our Services

The Grand Web Package

Creating custom-tailored website for service-based solopreneurs designed to maximize the potential conversions that contribute to your business' growth.

The Shopify Web Package

Building e-commerce website for product-based solopreneurs with design emphasis on great user experience and reduced buying friction.

FREE: Download this cheatbook to ace your website and maximize its potential for conversions!

15 Crucial Website Areas that Impact Website Conversions

including 35+ straightforward and actionable tips that you can *literally* start implementing now!

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how can you use your website to grow your business?

✨ Designing websites doesn’t just focus on making it pretty, it’s also about understanding your website user’s journey and optimizing the design intently to maximize the potential website conversions!


✨ Using our very own 3Bs blueprint deployed in our work process, we aim to understand your website’s intended goals, determine your users’ needs, and create a custom website solution to bridge the gap between them.


✨ But you’ll only magnify this result if you put the work on driving traffic to the website! Let’s be honest, no website visitors means no website conversions and no website conversions means no website sales. See here several ways how you can drive traffic quality traffic to your website.

3Bs blueprint

our very own framework to get you your solution-focused website

The Base

We will first define the foundation of the website - what we’re trying to solve, who you’re trying to serve, and why we’re collaborating in the first place.

The Bridge

Based on the base we’ve defined previously, it’s time to strategize and plan out the solutions specifically tailored for you.

The Build

After the strategic plan is laid out, execution and implementation is right next - we want to emphasize that we value your feedback as we bring your website to completion.

Interested in working with us?

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